“Mercifully short”  Evening Standard

Rob and Paul nearly there

This shot captures the previously unseen phenomena of gravitational assistance from the torque field caused by the moon's orbit. As you can see some of Rob's atoms are actually travelling a few feet in front of him pushed ahead by the setting full moon behind. Paul, unable to believe in such flimflammery, is somewhat distracted by the pain in his knees.

Saturday 5 May 2012 8pm St Georges Square, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Sunset 20:31

Sunrise 05:23

Full moon 03:35

Destination: Flamborough Head.

Very doable self-supporting group ride. No one has ever been left behind or even dropped off at a train station. Anti-inflammatories help. lights, optional depending on available moonlight.  Swimming costume advisable. Transport back, default train, £30. Possible van and minibus depending on size of group.  Let us know if you’re riding with us. ianfillingham354@gmail.com  07538 636981